The difference between Bandwidth and Data Transfer

Very easy to find the 2 term, Bandwidth and Data Transfer, which is commonly used in the internet, especially on the package – a web hosting package. Technically, there is a fundamental difference in the two terms. Bandwidth is showing the volume of data that can be transferred per unit of time. While the Data Transfer is the size of the data traffic of your website. It's easier when it says that the bandwidth is the rate of data transfer.

If the bandwidth provided is great, then the website would ter-load faster because the server is capable of transferring data at greater everysecond of it. This does not make the data transfer to be great, because the amount of data transfer depending on the number of visitors to the website and the file size of your website (including pictures, audio files, videos etc.). The greater the number of visitors, the greater the amount of data transferred from your website then the greater the data transfer anyway.

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